School bus conversion forum

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School bus conversion forum

Welcome to BNO - Bus Nut Online One of the nicest things about owning a bus is meeting the many people from many walks of life, with the stories they can tell about the places they have been; the good times, sometimes the not so good times and all of the wonderful memories they have lived in between. The view from up here is the best it gets. The freedom of traveling full- or part-time is indescribable. The North American Continent has the most beautiful, awe inspiring and unforgettable scenic wonders the world has to offer and you can see it all from a unique, safe and very comfortable perspective If your dream is to own a bus and do some serious traveling in the biggest and safest motorhome in the world, we understand your excitement and want to assure you that almost everyone who owns a bus now was once in your shoes.

If you are actively seeking to buy and build a bus, whether you are doing the conversion yourself or leaving it up to professional converters, or if you are simply upgrading your current land yacht with a new toy or needed appliance or part And this Web Site has been built especially for you.

We have aimed at making it simple to navigate, easy on the eyes and fun to view. There are many pages here, so feel free to browse through all the stuff that interests you. We at BNO - Bus Nut Online thank you for taking the time to come and visit us and we sincerely hope that your stay here is a pleasant one.

Please bookmark this page now. And return soon and often. Thank You. In Memoriam. September 11, It includes the world's largest searchable archive of questions and answers to myriad conversion topics.

The best place on the Internet to shop for a bus for sale is in our "WoBN's Classifieds" section of the Forum Section which now combines regular classified ads for individual sales of select spare parts and THE premier Internet address to shop for and sell bus conversions. As well, we offer the Internet's only no-strings-attached, absolutely free classified advertising. There's no better value in the world if you wish to sell whatever it is you have now, but don't want.

There have been hundreds and hundreds of buses sold here. Is it your turn yet? DieselChat in the Forum Section is a live chat room where viewers have the opportunity to carry on a conversation with fellow conversion hobby enthusiasts in real time. The best way to find someone in the chat room is to invite them there via email, our Facebook page or other messaging system.

Come on in and sit with us awhile! Considered by many as the godfather of bus conversion information, with many years of extensive personal hands-on experience, you can read the Bible penned by Dave. This section is under construction as we update Dave's Bus Converter's Bible and his other books, for download from our web site.

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Please stay tuned! The Bus Stops Here takes a look at pictures of many makes and models of buses in their original form giving you an idea of what bus conversions started out looking like when they were in regular revenue service.

Since our launch on September 1,an incredible 3, viewers have been kind enough to sign our Guestbook. Thanks everybody, it's always nice to see you.Side Menu.

Bus Listings. Sort by: Newest first. Listing Status: In Stock. Front Engine. This 40ft Bluebird bus for sale is a flat front bus and has a 24 valve Cummins engine.

Tips and Challenges of Converting a School Bus (Skoolie)

It is an automatic and tops out at 75 mph, and [ Phone: Thomas Conventional for sale. Ready for you to convert to a home on wheels. This Bluebird is ready to become your new home on wheels!!

school bus conversion forum

This bus is ready to convert, and the conversion process has already been started!!! The subflooring, wall [ Rear Enigne. Thomas Safe-T Liner for sale. Ready for your bus conversion with Skoolie Homes.

Address: E. Stone Dr. This is a fully gutted bus ready for a conversion, low miles, and clean! Get the Skoolie Homes project bus!

school bus conversion forum

Our team has used this Thomas Freightliner for a demo bus over the last year and are ready to. This fully-coverted skoolie is the perfect home on wheels for a couple looking for a skoolie that is ready to go!

Manage Listings Create Account Username. Remember Me. User Email. Retype Password.If you're looking to build a tiny primary home or an RV on the cheapyou may want to consider hacking an old yellow school bus.

People across the country are converting student transports like the ones you remember riding to school, into custom motorhomes aptly called skoolies. Retired school buses are relatively inexpensive to buy, and if you have basic building skillsthey're fairly easy to trick out with all the comforts of home.

They're also solidly built. With proper maintenance, used school buses in good condition can remain roadworthy for a very long time.

In fact, their diesel engines can last beyond one million miles. It has enough room to create square feet of livable space. William Bailey purchased a seater at a local auction. Before submitting a bid, he exercised due diligence that uncovered the vehicle's history.

Not only did the bus have the best maintenance records compared to the others being auctioned, but it also had onlymiles.

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Before bidding on or buying a bus, review the vehicle's maintenance records and inspect the bus inside and out. Before you start looking, think about the size and type of bus you'd like best. There are short, mid-size, and full-size buses. Larger buses offer more space but can be trickier to drive. Also familiarize yourself with engine and transmission types, which can have a big impact on bus longevity and maintenance issues.

However, repurposing building materials and lots of sweat equity can significantly reduce the conversion amount. Much of the construction involves standard building materials, like insulation board, plywood, flooring, and trim. Plumbing and electrical systems can be outfitted with RV and marine products for optimal compactness and portability. Julie and Andrew Puckett bought a partially converted skoolie.

It reduced the amount of back-breaking demo work they had to do for example, removing dozens of bus seats so they could start with the fun stuff: remodeling and decorating. Partial conversions are usually sold as campers that lack bathrooms and or kitchens. You can find skoolies like these by searching tiny house sale listings :. There are plenty of online sources where you can find bus conversion building plans, tutorials, and advice, including:.

Continue to 2 of 6 below. It took Bailey two years to finish his skoolie conversion. Now he lives in his bus full-time. Continue to 3 of 6 below. How to Purchase a Bus for Conversion. You can search what's in stock on their website. Continue to 4 of 6 below.

Continue to 5 of 6 below. Opting for a Partially Converted Skoolie. Continue to 6 of 6 below. Bus Conversion Tiny House Plans. There are plenty of online sources where you can find bus conversion building plans, tutorials, and advice, including: Skoolie. Read More.Kids who bounced around the back of a school bus might shake their heads at this idea: People are converting the yellow transports into tiny houses on wheel.

Parents who lament the lack of space in their home might shudder at this: A family of six has spent the last year happily living in a former school bus - about square feet - in Washington.

And guys who dream of man caves might cheer on the concept of a bus-based rolling leisure pad. What's happening here? Across the country, especially in the nature-surrounded Pacific Northwest, people are breaking out of four painted walls and into long, steel vehicles. Padded bench seats have been replaced by a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Bunk beds now rest in the way back, where the rowdy kids once sat closest to the emergency exit and far away from the driver.

School bus conversions aren't new. And over the years, the online forum Skoolie. As simplified living and the tiny house movement continue to capture attention, and people search for inexpensive housing, skoolies are finding a new audience. DIY home builders talk about tossing away measuring tapes. They make floor plans for their foot-long homes based on window width: A sofa bed stretches across three widows, the kitchen counter crosses two windows while the toilet is one window wide.

Still, each one is customized to please its owners, whether the skoolie is intended as a RV or a primary tiny house.

Two guys in the real estate business, Matthew Johansen and his friend Jeff Sarault, have installed cedar over the interior walls and rounded ceiling of a Ford bus parked in Sherwood. They have added all the comforts of home: There's a stand-up shower - imagine the water fights schoolkids could have had?

This sits next to the large side-by-side RV fridge that can run off of V power or propane.

Tips and Challenges of Converting a School Bus (Skoolie)

There's an ice maker in the freezer. Nearby are granite countertops. A sofa bed faces a TV and stereo. Counting the bed and bunk beds, the rolling party bus sleep seven people.

Sarault's relatives, Gary and Dave Sarault, are adding craftsman-style decorative carvings and stain glass in the wood doors.

Gary Sarault also made a table of English maple slab with inlaid copper. Fortunately, the "bulletproof" diesel engine, he says, can last past 1 million miles.

Owners of retired school buses install insulation and other weather-sealing improvements to the drafty former kid wagons. Digging deep sometimes leads to left-behind treasures like dull No.

Art supplies and textbooks are displayed in a converted school bus parked on private property on an island in the Puget Sound, Washington.Welcome to Skoolie Homes, the leader in bus conversion services! Jeff and Missy Miller began their Skoolie journey to fulfill a necessity for their family to travel on a budget. Many miles later, their love for the Skoolie lifestyle blossomed into becoming an industry leader in RV bus conversion.

school bus conversion forum

They have lived the Skoolie life and love sharing this lifestyle of freedom with each Skoolie client. Learn more about their epic journey! We offer several paths to start living the skoolie life. You get to choose the way! We offer a bus listing service, resources to DIY your Skoolie adventure, and a few shortcuts to speed you along on your journey to buslife! From full bus conversion services to roof raise services or a DIY Skoolie Shell, we are the industry leaders in converting buses into homes on wheels.

We gut, build, and design your affordable adventure. Want to save yourself the work and headaches? Let us do it for you! Are you a project person? Do you have home improvement skills? Save money and buy a Skoolie shell! Purchase the bus of your choice then bring it to us! We gut it, then install sub flooring and studding. This is our most affordable option for the DIY builder. Need help finding your dream school bus? View bus listings from our network of dealers and individual sellers.

Work directly with the seller to buy your bus, and get started living your Skoolie dream. Learn about creating a mobile learning environment!

Let us take you to Skoolie school! Our online academy teaches you how to convert your own bus. Need a step-by-step course?

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Check out our Skoolie Academy Resources! We offer several paths to start living the Skoolie life. From full bus conversion services to roof raise services or a DIY Skoolie Shell, we are the industry leaders in bus conversion.One of the appealing aspects of converting buses is that they come in a range of sizes, allowing you to pick a bus that fits your goals.

Some questions we recommend considering are:. What do you want to do with the bus? Do you want to live and travel in the bus full-time? A full-size bus will offer more living space and versatility when laying out your floor-plan. Just want a weekend cruiser to take on vacation? A short bus could be a great option for this! Ultimately, what you envision yourself doing with your bus will inform the type of bus to look for.

Where do you want to take the bus? Want to visit some serious mountains? Plan on some extended driving? School buses get notoriously low gas mileage think less than 10mpgand the lower your fuel efficiency, the greater the impact on your wallet. How much do you want to spend on the bus? Before you start bus shopping, get an idea of the price range you can reasonably afford. We opted to purchase an older bus with one of the lowest price-tags we could find. Who will drive the bus? Are you going to drive the bus yourself?

Keep in mind that the driving history of whoever eventually gets listed as a driver on your insurance policy will effect the premium rates. What class is your current license? C, BA, CDL Depending on the size of the bus you end up with, and the requirements of your home state, you might need to upgrade your license too.

More on licenses further down. This is definitely a question we wished we had spent more time researching before buying our bus! There are a range of engines and transmission combinations to be found under the hoods of different buses — not to mention air brakes vs.

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Fortunately, there is the internet. We certainly wish we had answered these more fully before we started! We found our bus on Craigslist. It took a a few weeks of scouring listings before we found one that fit our budget and size requirements. Aside from Craigslist, there are a number of dealerships in the U.We were a week into our relationship when Scott told me that he wanted to live on a school bus skoolie together.

Half of it paid off student loans, and the other half went directly towards our bus. We had the funds to make this dream a reality, what more would we need? We flew to Springfield, Oregon on St. Driving the bus to a small farm in New York to convert it into our home for 6 months felt like going away to summer camp. As a former reality TV producer and a Malibu restaurant bartender, neither of us had any idea what we were doing.

Not only were we building a house for the first time, we were building a home inside of a giant metal tube on wheels. While there are forums and conversion groups on Facebook, information on how to convert a bus was limited and scarce. With experience as a YouTube executive and a reality T. We started with ripping out all 26 benches. As far as demolition goes, many school bus converters stop here and build on top of existing walls and floors.

We opted to rip out the ceiling, walls, and floors to ensure the bus would be properly re-insulated and mold free. We started with the ceiling, using only a crowbar and a hammer to smash the thousands of RIVETS that held it together.

I held the crowbar tightly in place, while Scott banged the bar with a hammer. It felt like hitting a fast ball with a wooden bat, a thousand times in a row. We used air chisels, grinders, hammers, crowbars, drill bits, center punches, and brut strength to smash every individual rivet till we got through to the base shell.

Once the walls were removed, we decided to tear out the silicone seamed windows that we later replaced with sheet metal and new RV windows. We finished demolition with ripping out the eroding rubber floor, where we found remnants lollipop wrappers, pencil top erasers, and parachute soldier figurines. Demolition was dirty, tedious, and the most physically draining part of the construction.

We were sure the hard part was over, and we were finally on to the fun stuff, like taping out our floor plan. This was the part Scott looked forward to the most, drawing up ideas in graph notebooks for months. After etching out his vision with duct tape on our fresh plywood subfloor, we noticed the grey clouds in the sky, with rain approaching our windowless bus. We sped to home depot and returned with two mega spools of packaging saran wrap. I stood on the roof of our jeep letting the plastic unwind from my fingertips while Scott drove in circles around the bus.

It kind of worked. The New York summer rain storms were relentless, and quickly became our biggest setback as we tried to move forward with construction. Months went by as we worked daily to install windows, floors, cabinets, countertops, walls, the furnace, air conditioners, the ceiling, a composting toilet, and the shower walls. We did every project twice, and construction took exactly twice as long as we thought it would.

Bus Conversion S01E19 - Kitchen Sink & Interior

We caught every mistake we made on camera. We were construction workers by day, and video editors by night. Winter was right around the corner, and we only had two more obstacles before completing construction.

Bus Conversions

The more we researched, the more we realized that setting up plumbing and electric were two skills that could not be learned by winter. We made it this far, and finally felt defeated and out of tools in our shed. Setting up solar on a school bus was a crapshoot. With so many components and every system being different, we were lost.

Bus Conversions

The Skoolie community is extremely kind, helpful, and inviting. The temperature started to plummet. We worked from 6AM till midnight, seven days a week. Scott reluctantly agreed to hire a plumber to install our gas and water lines.


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