2000 kawasaki 1100 stx di emm

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2000 kawasaki 1100 stx di emm

Make Kawasaki. Another nifty feature at the watercraft's helm is its magnetic keyed ignition switch hidden in the glove box.

The switch might help stop thieves or even children with big plans but no permission from riding off with your watercraft. The result is a luxury watercraft at the forefront of performance and environmental awareness. The new STX D.

Kawasaki JT1100-C1 1100 STX DI (2000) Jet Ski Parts

An all-new deep-V hull design ensures excellent cornering, increased top speed, greater stability at high speed and a smoother ride in rough water. And for added family fun, this fully-equipped watercraft can easily pull a water skier, wakeboarder or other towable. Rarely used and garage kept. We are selling because kids are in college and we have another jetski. Do not need 2 If you are looking for a great jetski, that will provide you with years of lake fun and pleasure, contact me to schedule a showing.

This machine is in very good overall condition with minimal wear. Trades will be considered and delivery is available. Competitive financing rates and terms are also available. Leaders RPM is one of the largest marine and powersports dealers in the Midwest with over 70, sq ft of showroom, parts, and service under one roof located in Kalamazoo, MI.

For more information, please call toll free Additional photos and video are available at www. Bellaire, MI. Lake Havasu City, AZ. Cashion Community, TX. Windsor Heights, IA.

2000 kawasaki 1100 stx di emm

El Lago, TX. Madison, PA. Sarasota, FL. Alert Successfully Created. Save search. Boats for Sale Kawasaki stx Di. Year - Make - Model. Category - Length - Posted Over 1 Month. Make Kawasaki 5. Category Beta Personal Water Craft 5. ZIP Code.

Year minYear Remember Me? Sea Doo. Jet Boat. Blacktip Jetsports. Riding Gear. Trailer Parts. Gift Certificates. Jet Ski Lanyards. Jet Ski Traction Mats. PWC Seat Covers. PWC Covers. PWC Dry Bags. Jet Ski Boarding Steps. Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It seemed to miss a little at low rpms. Next time out it ran great for an hour but started dying for no reason.

First time was at full throttle, then it started doing it more and more. Also the ski started to miss a lot. It would run for about an hour, then start missing and dying. After letting it sit for an hour or so it would run fine for 15 mins or so then started dying and missing again. I shut it off to swim and my buddy tried to take his sone for a ride and it wouldn't run long.

It would start and then died. I let it sit then took the plugs out and cleaned them and then it ran a little but died again. I let it sit till we were ready to head back, then I got on it and it ran but was still missing ever so often.

Kawasaki 1100stx Di Boats for sale

I got it back to the dock then decided to have some fun with it. It ran alright but would miss a little and almost die on me a couple times for no reason at all. I turn it off so my buddy could try and take his kid for a riad again and it wouldn't run.

Loaded it up and took it home. Now it doesn't want to start at all. Is my EMM going out or is this another problem? I tried to start it today and it would not start but it did backfire once.

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Crazy ski is driving me nuts. Can a bad temp sensor cause any of these problems? I've put new plugs in the ski and plan to put a new battery in her tomorrow. I'm just wondering how in the world can I spot my problem? Any insight to my jet ski problems???? If multiple errors show up.Show 40 post s from this thread on one page Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Found the following on another forum, and wanting to get input from others here. It sounds good, the only question I have the the line he is talking about to move goes to the muffler.

Is this water needed to cool the muffler? To add to the reliability there is one simple thing you can do I got this recommendation from friend that works at Kawasaki. Re-route the EMM cooling water from the pipe to outside the boat. To do that, disconnect the EMM outlet hose from the 90 degree fitting on the pipe. Remove the fitting and insert a brass plug into the pipe.

Drill a hole in the hull for a thru hull fitting stock Kawi or UMI in close proximity to the existing fitting. Connect the hose to the thru hull fitting. This accomplishes 2 things. If your cooling system is ever plugged the EMM will overheat and you'll never know it. The water is routed separately to the EMM vs. This can damage the processor and increase the probabilty of failure. The third port will go to the exhaust where you pulled the old EMM outlet hose off of. Easy as that. I'll take pics soon if you want when the weather is better.

I am wondering if that fitting will allow enough water to pass thru the EMM to keep it cooled? So you are saying that the exhaust does need an input to keep it cool?

2000 kawasaki 1100 stx di emm

It's the same thru-hull fitting that's on the starboard side, except this second one will be specifically for the EMM. That's not the only water inlet for the exhaust, it also gets water from elsewhere. I just felt more comfortable tee'ing the line than blocking off the inlet.

How long have you been running this modification? What type of flow is coming out of the second EMM outlet? About a year now. How did you drill through the hull? Does anyone have pictures of how this set this up?

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I recently bought a '00 stx DI and it has been in the shop since I purchased it. The issue we have been seeing lately is the ECU heating up due to blocked lines. We cleared these out but I am very interested in getting this mod added to prevent the same issue, I don't think it burnt up my EMM but it was having issues after about 30 minutes of riding the couple times we tried and idled back to the ramp.The STX Di was introduced in as a cutting edge low emissions pwc.

The computer controlled Ficht system employs timed fuel injectors, mounted on the cylinder head, that inject a predetermined amount of fuel for each engine rpm and load. This system has several "sensors that constantly monitor air temperature, exhaust system temperature, engine rpm, throttle opening, etc.

This set of preprogrammed fuel delivery curves are referred to as the fuel "mapping".

2000 kawasaki 1100 stx di emm

This mapping is what makes for the easy starting and instant throttle response that the Di models possess. Meeting the increased fuel demands of those models was easily accomplished by increasing carburetor jet size and high speed screw adjustment.

Unfortunately, the Ficht system has no such adjustment. In the automotive high performance fields, aftermarket companies often utilize aftermarket computer "chips" or ECUs electronic control units to alter the fuel mapping of the fuel injection systems. The programming of the Ficht system is heavy encrypted in a way that makes these kinds of mapping modifications impractical if not impossible.

Given this situation, we designed and developed our performance modifications for the STX Di to operate entirely within the fuel delivery capabilities of the stock mapping system. Such modifications require a very different technical approach than what might be used on a carbureted version The basic speed data is as follows note: all speed tests done with lb solo rider, 80' temp, 87 octane fuel :.

About Impellers - The stock prop used in the STX Di works well for a stock machine, however there are considerable gains to be had by installing an aftermarket impeller. For the Di we have chosen the Solas "Concord" series of impellers.

The primary feature of these props that makes them better is the combination of a more efficient hub contour and better blade design. This design combination allows these props to process more water "per impeller revolution" than the stock prop. That said, we have done considerable testing with the Solas pros to find the correct application for our kits, and the impeller choice is crucial to netting the proper target rpms and peak speeds.

It bears noting that the fuel mapping does not know impeller pitch has been changed. It only knows how much fuel the stock prop required for a particular rpm We consider the correct impeller pitch to be very important for each of our kit applications.

The Solas Concord pitches and applications are as follows:. Ride Plate Modification - If any one characteristic of the STX Di could be called a "problem" area, it would be the strong nose heavy attitude of the hull once up on plane. We can only presume that Kawasaki engineers used this characteristic to reduce nose lifting when used for towing.Remember Me?

Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Joined Aug Posts 2. Unit will turn over repeatedly, but will not spark nor will the fuel pump prime the injectors.

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There's no authorized Kawa dealer close; however, a local watercraft service center states that the control unit is bad. I have no problem with replacing it if it is actually bad, but I wanted to be sure it is bad before I did due its high cost. Has anyone seen this specific type problem before? Joined Aug From St. Louis Posts Are you sure the fuel pump is not turning on?

It could very well be a senor. Seams weard the ECM would just stop working. Joined Jul From sharpsburg, ga Posts Joined Aug From kansas city Posts 5. I too have been told the control unit box but don't want to spend over a grand for a trial and error. I am going to take mine to a dealer to have checked. I will let you now what I find out, feel free to give me a call if any questions or if you figure something out I would apperciate it.

Thanks Scott. This is the only way to diagnose it correctly. However, no spark is a good indicator the stator, battery, or EMM is defective. No check engine lights, no spark from the spark plugs and the fuel pump is not priming the injectors when the system is activated; however, as previously stated, the starter turns over fine when you hit the start button, batter is in good condition too.

Have a feeling that it is the control unit but I figured that someone had run into the same problem before. Scott, if you would, please let us know what you find out after your trip to the dealer. They hooked up their computer and as soon as they made the connection between computers it would blow the main fuse on the jet ski not allowing the computers to talk to each other.

I've ordered a new computer so we will see if that fixes it. Joined Jun From sumter sc Posts Part Number: Part Number: R Part Number: Z. Part Number: B Part Number: S Part Number: U. Part Number: AB.

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Part Number: F2. Part Number: EQ. Part Number: J Part Number: RA. Part Number: RG. Part Number: MN. Part Number: NS. Part Number: CB Part Number: CD Shopping Cart.

Kawasaki 2000 STX DI EMM problem

Submit Search. Sign in Sign in with Password. Cart Shopping Cart 0 item s in your cart. Restore a saved shopping cart. Kawasaki Jet Ski Parts We're open and continuing to ship packages, however we are experiencing shipping delays. Call volumes are high, please use our self-serve options to cancel or return your order.

Continue Shopping Proceed to Checkout. Search within model. Bilge System. Filter Out of Stock. Bolt, 6x16 Out of Stock. Screw 0. Tube, Filter-Breather Out of Stock.

Washer, 5. Tube Out of Stock. Bolt-Wsp-Small, 8x35 Out of Stock. Bracket, Handle Pad Out of Stock. Shaft Out of Stock. Handle-Comp, F. Black Out of Stock. Housing-Control Out of Stock. Lever-Assy-Throttle Out of Stock.Remember Me? Sea Doo.

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Jet Boat. Blacktip Jetsports. Riding Gear. Trailer Parts. Gift Certificates. Forum Welcome! Jet Ski Lanyards. Jet Ski Traction Mats. PWC Seat Covers. PWC Covers. PWC Dry Bags. Jet Ski Boarding Steps. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Anyway, it had a few problems, among them the EMM was fried. I sent it out to DFI who said it was unrepairable, so I bought a used one had been rebuilt be DFI off of epay but when I hook it upalthough it will run the ski, I can not communicate with it using Kadiag.

I have downloaded it from a few sources but the version is always the same.

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